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Heron dipper-T dipper-T Water Level Meter With Detachable Water Level Probe

The dipper-T water level meter is designed for well drillers, consultants and hydrogeologists all across the globe. The dipper-T is manufactured for professionals who require the most accurate measurements of water levels, length of well-casing and total well-depth.

Heron dipper-T2 dipper-T2 Water Level Meter With Fixed Probe

The dipper-T2 is a rugged and dependable water level meter made from high quality materials, easy to use for a wide variety of applications. The dipper-T2 is capable of measuring both static and falling head levels. Static mode is used for measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes. DrawDown mode is used for measuring falling water levels during purging, well development and for low flow sampling; helping to protect your pump from damage caused by dry running.

Skinny Dipper Water Level Meter With Fixed 1/4" Probe Skinny Dipper Water Level Meter With Fixed 1/4" Probe

The SKINNY DIPPER water level meter is ideal for measuring static water levels in narrow wells, boreholes, tubes and piezometers. The slim line tape and ¼” probe enable users to take readings while the pump is still in the well, whereas wider tapes may get tangled. The premium padded carry case comes included to protect your precision instrument from the elements.

Heron-water-tape water tape Economical Water Level Meter w/Fixed Probe

The Heron water tape2, an economical water level meter, can be used for measuring both static and drawDown levels in open bodies of water, wells, boreholes and standpipes. This low cost unit with DUAL FUNCTION capability is ideal for every project and budget.

Heron-dipper-Tough dipper-Tough Harsh Environment Water Level Meter

The dipper-Tough is a rugged, top quality instrument used for measuring static and falling head levels in waste disposal and remediation sites and other harsh environments. The drawDown feature on the dipper-Tough makes this unit ideal to use during pump and treat testing when contaminates are found in the groundwater.