GLOBAL WATER WS700R Refrigerated Wastewater Sampler PN# CD0500


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The WS700R Refrigerated Wastewater Sampler's state of the art water sampler controller gives you complete control over your water sampling process. With the water sample size control, you can take individual time-weighted composite samples or full-bottle discrete grab samples in a 2 gallon sample bottle. The water sample interval control allows you set the time between individual refrigerated composite samples or enable the external trigger mode for flow proportional sampling. A start delay timer allows you to start multiple WS700Rs in the field at the same time, or to delay drawing a water sample after a triggering event so that your water sample better represents the water source. An automatic 15 second backflush cycle clears any debris from the strainer and empties the water from the hose so the next refrigerated composite sample is not contaminated.
  • Manufacturer Global Water
  • Model WS700R
  • Mfg pn. CD0500
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